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How-to Install:

  • Make sure you have downloaded NodeJS (get recommended)
  • Make sure you have downloaded Python (Not Needed | Safe to have tho!)
  • Open up the settings folder/configuration or if there is no setting folder just open config.js or configuration.js

Next Navigate here

Now that you are here run these commands:

npm i --save
npm i better-sqlite3

Start the bot!
node .

Common Questions:

Q: Where can I get my bots token?
A: You can get it by creating an application here and then selecting the "bot" section, and adding a bot

Q: My bot is not in my server, what do I do?
A: Go to the oAuth2 section, and select the scope "bot", then select the permission "administrator", then copy the link it
gives you, and paste it into a new tab, then add your bot

Q: How can I make my Discord Bot stay online 24/7?
A: Buy hosting, and use it to host your bot. You can get hosting here STORM SERVER HOSTING <3

Q: How do I get my license key?
A: Simple! Just click here activate your product and put in your IP!

Q: Can I host a DJS Bot on my phone?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: Why is my "guildMemberAdd", "guildMemberRemove", "guildMemberUpdate, "messageReactionAdd" not functioning?
A: The client events "guildMemberAdd", "guildMemberRemove", "guildMemberUpdate" do not emit
Guild#memberCount returns count as of ready. Enable these intents in the portal here!

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