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Priority +


Priority +

The all in one priority script with Discord logging created by Jordan.#2139


  • Below you will see a default list of locations that you can set the on screen text to display at. Simply copy the coordinates below and paste then in the x and y varaiables.
    Note: these locations may not be suitable for your server or hud, if so please just edit the x and y to your liking
DisplayLocations = {
    TopMid = {x = .50, y = .005},
    TopLeft = {x = .075, y = .005},
    TopRight = {x = .900, y = .005},
    BottomMid = {x = 0.500, y = 0.950},
    BottomLeft = {x = 0.235, y = 0.950},
    BottomRight = {x = 0.900, y = 0.950
  • You may also change the font of the text, all fonts can be found here, simply take the ID of the font that you would like to use and enter it in the config.UI.font (By default it is font 1)
  • If you would like to log when and who runs a command you can do that by enabling config.Misc.UseWebhook, this will send logs of when someone runs a command in a Discord Webhook
    Note: For this to work you MUST set a valid webhook in the config.Misc.Webhook


This script works off of ace permissions. If you do not understand or know how to use ace permissions or principals please check out the Official CFX Guide here

god = 'Priority:God', -- All permissions for this entire script
--      ^^^^^^^^^               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
--      Ace Name                 What It Does In The Script

To give yourself the permission Priority:God it would look something like this:

add_ace group.admin Priority:God allow


This script contains the following commands:

/cooldown TIME - This is the command to set the priority cooldown
/inprogress - This will set the priority status to In Progress
/onhold - This will set the priority status to On Hold
/resetpcd - This will reset the priority to available

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