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Ban Database V2


Ban Database V2

At Fuel Development we continue to innovate, that's why were introducing version 2, we added a refreshing touch to the features you love and use on the daily. Version 2 introduces uncompromising customization and unparalleled utility! User experience is our top priority and that's why were introducing complete control at every stage with the introduction of an easy to follow yet, state of the arch; user interface accessible on all devices.


  • Dashboard
  • Ticket Panel
  • Advanced HTML Transcripts
  • Permission Handler
  • Discord Buttons
  • Good Practices
  • Complex Commands
  • Blacklist Commands
  • Friendly Config
  • Advanced Error Logging
  • MySQL Database
  • Detailed Ready Event
  • Ban VC count
  • Bot Join VC
  • Free API
  • Complete Customization
  • Applications
  • Continuous updates
  • Tons More!


Admin Commands

guildinfo - Gets information on the guilds settings!

prefix - Sets the prefix for the server

setbanlogs - Sets the ban logging for the guild.

toggleautojoinban - Toggle whether to ban leakers on join.

toggleautounbans - Toggle whether to unban users when banned from different servers.

updatebans - Ban any users that haven't been banned yet.

Mod Commands

ban - Bans someone from all the guilds I am in.

blacklist - Blacklist someone from making a report or appeal

revokeban - Unbans someone from all the guilds I am in.

revokeblacklist - Allows you to revoke the blacklist on someone.

sendmessage - Sends a message globally to all logging channels.

Owner Commands

addperm - Lets you grant Mod or Admin to someone.

appealpanel - Lets you send the appeal panel.

cleardata - Clears all the bots data from the Database

eval - Run javascript code within discord.

leaveguild - Leaves a guild.

removeperm - Lets you remove Mod or Admin to someone.

reportpanel - Lets you send the report panel!

restart - Lets you restart the bot via discord.

setavatar - Lets you set the avatar for the bot!

staffpanel - Posts the staff application panel.

turnoff - Lets you turnoff the bot via discord.

Ticket Commands

add - Adds user to a ticket

close - Closes and saves the ticket.

remove - Removes user to a ticket

sendpanel - Send the ticket panel to a channel

User Commands

botinfo - Info on Ban Database V2.

help - Receive help on Ban Database V2.

review - Lets your users leave a review on the bot.

search - Searches for a ID and will return Banned Or Not.

viewservers - See the servers I'm in.

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