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Installation - Ban DB V2


Fuel Development - Ban Database V2 Installation Guide

  1. You have to install NodeJS v16.3.0 works fine 14 BELOW WILL NOT WORK
  • Check your NodeJS version by writing "node" into command prompt.
  • Please download the following software before starting:
    MySQL Workbench
  • When installing XAMPP and you have the option to select the components the only requirements for this bot to work is MySQL, you can untick everything else.

  1. Once you have finished installing both XAMPP & MySQL Workbench start up the MySQL server using the XAMPP control panel as shown here
  • Open MySQL Workbench and setup a new connection by clicking the + for most of you everything that's in here you will not need to change other than the Connection Name up the top then just click ok.
  • Once connected you will be shown a screen that looks like this click the option on the left saying "Schemas" then right click and "Create Schema" input a name we recommend something simple like "bdv2" and click apply down the bottom right then click apply on the popup message & finish to close the message now you are done with MySQL Workbench.

  1. Open BanDatabase's folder and open settings/configuration.js with any text editor
  • To run the bot you are required to have the following information setup in the config.
    - Token
    - FuelsLicenseKey which you can get here
    - GuildID
    - BotOwnerDiscordID
    - RoleOnJoin
    - Secret You can get this from your Discord Developers Page
    - Port (I recommend setting port as 80, otherwise users will join your site using yourdomain.com:3000)
    - CallbackURL ( EG: https://localhost:3000/auth/callback (Replace localhost with the IP or Domain)("http(s)://" and /auth/callback" parts must stay!!)
    - VoiceChannelID
    - BanCountChannelID
    - Database (Change the database info to what you set on MySQL Workbench bdv2)
    - Ticket_Category
    - SupportRole
    - Ban_Logs
    - UnBan_Logs
    - GuildJoinLogs
    - GuildLeaveLogs
    - WelcomeLogs
    - ReviewChannel
    - TicketLogs
    - AppealLogs
    - ReportLogs
    - StaffAppLogs
    - BlackListLogs
    - Ban_Perms
    - Other config sections describes self.

  1. Open Discord Developers page and open your bot's application.
  • There is a OAuth2 page located on the left.
  • Add a Redirect and write your callbackURL that we set in Dashboard config (without ')

  1. Open Ban Database's folder again and write cmd to top part.
  • See Here
  • After writing cmd, press enter and write "npm install"
  • Wait a while, after this get completed, write node .
  • This will start bot & the dashboard

  1. Let's connect your IP to domain
  • Open your domain's DNS management page.
  • Open A record.
  • Write @ to first part, and write your ip/ipv4 to seconds section.
  • You want subdomain? Write subdomain name instead of @
  • Save and wait for changes get applied.

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